Friday, November 13, 2009

My First Semester

I am happily winding up my first semester at Louisiana College. What a wonderful adventure it has been! I have made lots of new friends, had fun getting to know my professors, discovered beautiful quiet study places on campus, and learned a LOT about Theatre, writing, Algebra, tennis, Earth science, and college life.

I really like college, and I am really starting to get into the fun parts. There's nothing like sitting in an enormous oak tree with a friend and talking about poetry. Or learning how to play tennis. Or eating my sack lunch in a new place or with a new friend on campus.

This coming semester is going to be a little busier; I am taking 16 hours, which is 2 more than last semester. And I think all these classes will be hard work classes. I have worked out my schedule, and will be looking over it with my advisor next week. If it gets approved, I will be taking Intro to Psychology, Elementary Spanish, Intro to Inorganic Chemistry, English Composition 2, Business and Organic Communication, and Personal Fitness. All the classes except Personal Fitness are 3 hours...Yeah, I am going to be busy. But I managed to have all but Elementary Spanish in the early part of the day, I really like having from midafternoon on for homework and freetime.

This summer I will be going to Ecuador. If you are intersted, let me know and I can give you trip dates and information. You can also talk to Dr. Jason Hiles about it. LC is offering credit for the trip. Even if no credit was offered, I'd still be going (: I am ready to see my Tsachila family!

I am really looking forward to the coming semester. All the future semesters for that matter...And I think I would like to see the world during my summers...Big dreams for lots of God glorifying fun! Oh, this life is such a amazing adventure! I don't want to miss a minute!